Aileen - Irish solo fiddler

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Solo Irish and Scottish fiddle player

Aileen is our highly talented fiddle player who also plays flute and whistle.

She performs instrumental versions of songs, and traditional tunes / melodies, to backing tracks, through a Bose PA system.

The sound is similar to having a band, Aileen performing on various instruments rather than the vocalist.

The fantastic backing tracks have the usual band instruments you might expect but often include Harp, Uilleann Pipes, Accordion, Whistle, Banjo, Guitar etc for the Irish songs and melodies.

Aileen focuses on Irish and Scottish song melodies and tunes, folk and traditional, but she also has a fantastic selection of country, rock and contemporary music, all sorts from 1930’s to present day. With advance notice, Aileen can arrange her show to match booker requirements.

She is a wise choice for any function where 'something for everyone’ is needed, along with an atmosphere with a strong celtic vibe

View Aileen's video below.


View her tune lists.

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