The Great Shenanigans - Irish band

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The Great Shenanigans - Irish ceili band

The Great Shenanigans are a band of excellent musicians and singers, specialising in Irish tunes and songs.

They're a perfect band for a ceili.

They bring a marvellous vibrant atmosphere to any party or gathering.

The band is based in North London but are prepared to travel anywhere.

The standard line up features a mixture of guitar, bass, fiddle, accordion, piano and where required, drums. 

For a ceili, they provide a knowledgeable and inspiring caller, the key to a good evening’s dancing.

The Great Shenanigans perform songs and tunes in styles ranging from a delicate melody to a storming celtic sound of traditional Irish jigs and reels, with excellent singers and professionally trained top line players.

They are the ideal band to play in a variety of settings: dance hall, garden, living room and dance hall.


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