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Our discos are popular for weddings and parties, where the bride and groom want to cater for all of the musical tastes of their guests.

We've got every other type of music too, so you can have all of your Irish favourites from Declan Nerney to the Saw Doctors and everything else from the sixties to the noughties.

* We supply NON Irish Disco's for all occasions too!

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Need an Uilleann piper?

I know I expressed our thanks last Saturday but just to reiterate how grateful we are for such a great variety of music, including the long list of songs I requested to be played. Everyone really enjoyed their evening and sung your praises. I have definitely recommended you to friends. Have a nice weekend", Ita.

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The uilleann pipes are viewed by many as more of an 'Irish' instrument.

The main differences between the uilleann pipes and the bagpipes, apart from the sound, are that the uilleann pipes are played seated and the piper wears smart casual attire.

The *bagpiper plays whilst standing and is therefore more mobile.

*He also wears a kilt and uniform, which for some clients is a decisive factor in choice.

You can find lots of information on our bagpipers, including an excellent video here.


Answers to all of the most frequently asked questions regarding what an uilleann piper does, how he does it, etc, are found here.

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The beautiful celtic sound of the uilleann pipes is a very popular addition to a wedding reception, particularly at the early part of the evening.