Do you need a eulogist/celebrant for an Irish funeral?

Sean, all my family and I would like you to know and for you to pass on to the band that they were fantastic at my mother's wake yesterday - they made it the perfect send off for her for her family and friends all of whom have been steeped in the traditional music and the ballads and songs of Ireland - can't praise them enough - they made the day - thanks, and thanks again!".

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We provide celebrant and eulogy services for Irish funerals.

Sometimes it's a family preference to have a professional celebrant to conduct the service for the funeral service of their loved one.

It's a popular option at cemetery chapel settings and allows a farewell to take place for those who would prefer a non religious service.

Our celebrants can also provide a graveside eulogy on your behalf.

We are able to provide some first class celebrants to provide the eulogy on the day in full conjunction and consultation with you to ensure that you have a thoughtfully prepared and scripted eulogy which can be tailored to incorporate family members wishes as either participants or contributors.

We'll cooperate fully with you to carefully put together a eulogy to remember.

When you engage our services, we will put you in touch with the eulogist/celebrant who will arrange to discuss the outline of your needs and ideas.

Once that's formulated they will submit the script to you for your approval and it will be edited accordingly until it meets with your full satisfaction.

Prices are from £290 inclusive.

If you'd like further details please get in touch.

Complete our enquiry form or our callback form or you can call us on 020 8111 1916.

Live Irish music for the wake?

A solo singer guitarist, duo or band for the wake afterwards is a popular choice for our clients and is a regularly booked package for both the service and the wake.

We provide performers across the country for this increasingly popular way of saying goodbye to a loved one.

We've found it has grown in popularity enormously over the past 5 years.

Bagpiper or Uilleann piper?

Perhaps the uilleann pipes are more of an 'Irish' instrument and the unique celtic sound is essentially more associated with an Irish occasion.

However, the bagpipes have the added feature of the piper wearing the Irish kilt.

A bagpiper is also able to walk whilst playing, whereas the uilleann pipes are usually played seated.

pipers fees

Cost varies depending on location and proximity of the nearest piper available.

You can get more information on uilleann pipers here and bagpipers here. Fees start from £280 inclusive.

solo singers

Many clients hire a solo guitar/vocalist to perform at the service and or graveside.

The most popular songs requested include: 'Danny Boy', 'The Fields of Athenry' and 'I watch the sunrise'.

duos and bands

This is an increasingly popular way of giving a loved one a 'good send off'.

The music can be tailored to the bookers wishes and can be sedate or lively, depending on personal preferences.