Potato Bred-Irish/contemporary wedding and function Band

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Potato Bred's background, samplers and video

Here is the perfect band for an Irish wedding, with a wide and varied selection of songs and music to match all of your guests musical tastes.

Their song-list spans a list of Irish material to cover everything from 'Wagonwheel' to 'N17' along with a multitude of up to date pop covers.

If required, they can also include an accordion player in their line-up.

They will also include a DJ, as an add from within the band, to cover the entire nights entertainment.

Check availability and get a quote for hiring Potato Bred, with or without the DJ option, via our enquiry form or request a callback.

Call us on 020 8111 1916.

Listen to their samplers and view their video below.

Check out their song-list.


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